At Glanua, we provide industry-leading technical process expertise and delivers solutions to the most demanding industrial water and wastewater process challenges across a wide range of industries.  Glanua always deliver innovative solutions, products, and processes to the industrial sector.

One of our core strengths lies in providing practical solutions that are not only sustainable but also align with our clients’ needs and compliance requirements. We understand that each client has distinct challenges and goals, and our primary focus is to support them in reaching their compliance and performance objectives through tailor-made, sustainable, and efficient solutions.

We prioritise excellent communication with our clients at every step of the project. By maintaining open and transparent channels, we ensure that our clients are continuously informed, involved, and empowered throughout the project’s lifecycle. This collaborative communication approach allows us to address concerns promptly, adapt to changing circumstances, and deliver the best outcomes.

Client Feedback

Practical & Pragmatic Solutions

When Glanua gets involved, your solutions and designs are always very sensible – it’s a hands-on approach.

Going above and beyond

Glanua goes above and beyond to win our work. You always show great enthusiasm and dedication in understanding our requirements and delivering outstanding results.


Communication with Glanua is always good. You are excellent at keeping us informed and your response times are exceptional. I never have to go chasing after them for updates.