Glanua and Variolytics announce strategic alliance to monitor Greenhouse Gas emissions in Wastewater Treatment Plants and support Net Zero Targets

Glanua, a leading provider of water and wastewater solutions, and Variolytics GmbH, a technology provider specialised in monitoring and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, join forces to address process emissions from wastewater plants. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in Glanua’s commitment to environmental sustainability and net-zero management practices.

Variolytics’ innovative technologies provides real-time, high-accuracy data acquisition of greenhouse gas emissions, enabling effective monitoring and process optimisation. This partnership will allow Glanua to integrate Variolytics’ advanced measurement systems across its network of wastewater treatment facilities, ensuring compliance and promote greater transparency in emissions reporting. Furthermore, Glanua will manage the vertical distribution of Variolytics’ solutions across the UK and Irish markets.

The partnership aims to leverage Variolytics’ cutting-edge technology, the EmiCo. lite system. The EmiCo. lite system is designed to accurately monitor and analyse greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment processes, providing real-time data on nitrous oxide and methane, the two major contributors to the carbon footprint of wastewater treatment plants. By integrating Variolytics’ advanced measurement systems with Glanua’s sophisticated water treatment solutions and plant operation expertise, the alliance will enable precise data collection and analyses to assist in process optimisation toward reducing fugitive GHG emissions to air.

Photo: Dr. Matthias Stier, CEO of Variolytics, Fabio Bacci Innovation Manager at Glanua and Johann Barlack, CFO and Co Founder of Variolytics

Dr Fabio Bacci, Innovation Manager at Glanua said “This is an exciting and very timely partnership as regulatory pressures increase and more companies seek to measure their carbon footprint. I am looking forward to offering Variolytics’ solutions to help our clients in their journey to zero pollution targets. The simplicity of Variolitycs’ installations is striking, water companies now have the opportunity to optimise their existing assets virtually without any disruption during installation and commissioning of these real-time monitoring systems”.

Partnering with Glanua is an exciting opportunity for us to expand our impact in the wastewater treatment industry. Together, we can decarbonise the wastewater treatment sector and help our clients meet their sustainability goals through innovative and effective solutions,’ stated Dr. Matthias Stier, CEO of Variolytics.

Glanua and Variolytics are launching their strategic alliance at Variolytics head offices in Stuttgart, Germany. The alliance between Glanua and Variolytics represents a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation. By combining their respective strengths, both companies aim to set new standards for sustainability practices in wastewater treatment.

About Glanua

Glanua is an industry leader in providing project solutions for the water and wastewater industry including design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Glanua offers turnkey solutions through its process, MEICA, civil and structural design/build capabilities. Glanua operates and maintains a wide range of water and wastewater treatment facilities in Ireland. In addition, the company provides safe drinking water to thousands of people, while ensuring environmental compliance at all times.

About Variolytics

Variolytics is a high-tech startup that provides environmental analysis & AI software. Founded in 2020, their aim is to disrupt the way wastewater treatment plants combat greenhouse gas emissions. The wastewater treatment industry is on its path to net-zero, decarbonising its operations. Currently, nitrous oxide and methane are responsible for >70% of the total carbon footprint of a treatment plant. Especially nitrous oxide can be avoided through improved process control by preventing its formation in the biological step. EmiCo lite provides the tools to do this, detecting direct emissions when they occur and providing the necessary insights to adapt control strategies.